Who are we

Jean-Louis Guigou, President of IPEMED

“La Verticale Africa – Mediterranean – Europe is an IPEMED programme. It is about promoting the idea that the regionalisation of the crescent Africa – Mediterranean – Europe is a realistic prospect.
In order to boost this regional integration, a foundation provided with a think tank must be implemented.”

La Verticale Africa – Mediterranean – Europe (AME) is a foundation in charge of favouring and supporting economic and political transitions in Africa and of promoting regional integration between these three European, Mediterranean (Middle East included) and African spaces.

The current situation is not favourable to investments and long-term coproduction agreements. Nevertheless, inaction is not the solution. Initiatives should be taken to bring back peace in all war-torn countries. With the encouraging but often haphazard growth in Africa and the weakening of the European economy, IPEMED must recommend and accelerate the implementation of the Foundation La Verticale, the objective of which is to boost North/South and South/South integration.

Business managers, politicians and experts working in IPEMED’s network are convinced that:

  • European integration is moving forward when Europe is exposed to crises (war threat, communism threat, decline threat, etc.).
  • Southern and Eastern Mediterranean countries, along with Middle Eastern and African countries, started to free themselves from authoritarian governments and rent-driven economies. We must therefore hope and work to make terrorist violence the last expression of pseudo reactionary religious elites.
  • Growth is a favourable factor. Yet it won’t be sufficient without the implementation of a greater social and economic inclusion that would prevent growth from generating further inequalities and discrimination.

Time has come to forge bonds based on sharing rather than conquest between Europe, Africa and the Mediterranean (Middle East included), to implement what we have learnt from the successes and mistakes of the past, and to start cooperating as equals, sharing humanist and universal values.