Sharing of strategic information


This programme comprises three main elements. The objective of the foundation La Verticale is to become the reference web portal for the economic integration of the Region Africa-Mediterranean-Europe. This requires to identify and bring to the attention of decision-makers:

  • The main operational and university study centres specialised in the economic integration >of the Region, in order to make easier the access to the websites and resources of these organisms. The key is to establish a partnership with these organisms, in order to facilitate information exchange (SEO, RSS flow, etc.) ;
  • Reference reports of international institutions dedicated to the Region’s economy and to that of other great North-South Regions. Many organisms produce works or carry out development operations favouring economic regional integration (World Bank, Ebrd, ADB, WTO, UN, OECD, FAO…), nevertheless none of them offers any overall vision or synthesis and the lack of regional standardisation is obvious. The same goes for the works carried out by national cooperation Foundations or Agencies, in spite of the recent attempts to better federate their action at the international level. A device would be necessary to draw the list of the main works and the synthesis of essential texts ;
  • Professional networks organised on a North-South international basis from Europe to Africa, including the Mediterranean and the Middle East, and implementing coproduction.


Secondly, the portal will communicate the main results of the works of the foundation La Verticale, namely the works of think tanks networks (in particular the main productions of international work groups and the works of economic foresight on the Region) that of the Political Steering Committee and of seminars.


Finally, the third part of this work will be to put strategic information at the disposal of public, private and associative decision-makers involved in La Verticale. This circulation of strategic information intends to:

  • Build trust between decision-makers and show the usefulness of the Foundation to bring closer the European, Mediterranean and African worlds and break down the barriers between professional worlds ;
  • Benefit La Verticale funders.

Besides, this think tank will study examples of policies that improved regional integration