Stronger bonds between young political, economic, social and academic decision-makers in the Region AME will foster the idea of a common future. The Foundation will implement a programme for the “intermingling” of the decision-makers and the experts via high-level seminars.

These seminars have three objectives:

  • Bringing together decision-makers from the corporate world, local and central public administrations, the civil society, the academic world and international institutions, in order to intermingle professional spheres ;
  • Sharing positive experiences in the Region (good practices, success stories) ;
  • Transforming these interpersonal trusted networks into tangible cooperation projects.

In the framework of this programme, two types of seminars will be developed:

  • “thematic seminars” will gather, for three days, about thirty decision-makers coming from different countries in the Region. Each month, one seminar will be dedicated to one of the great sectoral issues in the Region ;
  • “decentralised seminars” will take place in all requesting countries in order to ensure the diffusion of common projects with the greatest number of decision-makers in the country ;

Seminars will be designed as a reference programme gathering the expertise of organisms specialised in great sectoral issues and regional integration issues regarding the three spaces of the Region AME.