Observatory of regional integration

The foundation La Verticale intends to bridge the knowledge gap on the economic integration of the great Region AME.
This foundation will comprise a network of six labs, the first six labs will be located as follows:

two in Europe, two in the Mediterranean and in the Middle East and two in Africa. The think tank network will fulfil three functions:

  • Identifying the issues, new structuring trends and breaking points showing that the North-South regionalisation is improving in the long term ;
  • Providing a prospective insight of major technological and institutional evolutions ;
  • Proposing public policies and industrial strategies to accelerate North-South integration.

To do so, the think tank network will have to:

  • Define a few priority topics to favour sustainable and inclusive growth in the Region, such as energy, water, agriculture, transports, mobility, ICT, health, etc. ;
  • Promote, in its relations with businesses and universities, future technologies adapted to the culture and environment of Southern countries, local distribution channels, the sharing of added value social, solidarity economy and public-private partnerships ;
  • Make of “general security” a transversal objective implemented in accordance with each sector: security of people and goods, job security, investment security, energy security, food safety, health security, legal security, etc. ;
  • Compare sectorial and territorial analyses in order to better interconnect this great Region and favour a greater decentralised cooperation among the Region’s territories, promote common territorial action to create solidarity-based communities and contribute to their autonomy ;
  • Define the editorial policy as well as the format and contents of the periodic publications of “Think and Act” works.