Our action programmes

Our work programme is part of a prospective action to prepare the integration of the three spaces “Africa – Mediterranean – Europe” with a common and integrated vision.

The foundation La Verticale will follow 5 action programmes that will be implemented independently from one other, but will still be related:

Program 1

Sharing strategic information, through a reference platform where the most relevant information on the region will be gathered and treated.

Program 2

Leading a laboratory network focusing on the integration of the Africa – Mediterranean – Europe region, in order to increase knowledge (multiple data, quantitative and qualitative data, cartography, creation of databases, prospective scenarios) and highlight current heavy trends in favour of integration. This network will have six centres: two in Europe, two in the Mediterranean (North Africa and Middle East) and two in Sub-Saharan Africa (anglophone and francophone).

Program 3

Leading international work groups involving multiple actors in order to identify and overcome the obstacles that could hinder the development of some sectors, and to be able to speak to political decision-makers with one voice.

Program 4

Organising high-level seminars in order for public, private and associative decision-makers to meet, to identify high-potential sectors and create a network based on trust in the AME region.

Program 5

Encouraging mediation and influence in favour of the great region AME in order for political decisions to be taken in favour of a deeper integration among the three spaces.