Dinner of the PSC at the Quai d’Orsay: Heading South!

Dinner of the PSC at the Quai d’Orsay

Heading South!

At the heart of the 2016 Meeting of the Political Steering Committee, the dinner followed by the debate “Heading South: why and how?” gathered two hundred leading figures, among which several ministers, like Moulay Hafid Elalamy, Moroccan Minister of Industry, and Zied Ladhari, Tunisian Minister of Employment, European and African parliamentarians, company managers who are founding members of IPEMED, such as Xavier Beulin, President of Avril Group, as well as representatives of the academic world and of the civil society. This diversity showed IPEMED’s capacity to encourage association and dialogue within the great AME region.

In their opening speech, Alain Juppé and Matthias Fekl showed their support and acknowledged the relevance of the vision carried by IPEMED. Alain Juppé, member of IPEMED PSC said: “IPEMED is more necessary than ever… Keep building this AME Verticale that will ensure a productive and prosperous destiny”.

After the introduction by the trio Jean-Louis Guigou, Radhi Meddeb and Constant Némale, ten leading figures answered the questions of Nassim Kerdjoudj, Vice-President of IPEMED, on the assessment of IPEMED’s 10 years of action and on the relevance of a Foundation La Verticale dedicated to the Africa-Mediterranean-Europe region.

The participants highlighted that a solidarity pact between the components of the great Region was necessary, as none of them could individually take up the major challenges they are facing, such as employment, security, political stability and shared and inclusive economic development.

The participants expressed their support to the Foundation La Verticale, a place of academic, economic and political exchanges. They highlighted that the works carried out by IPEMED over the last 10 years lent the Institute credibility to broaden its field of reflection and action to the great AME region.