Developing economic exchanges with the Arab world and Africa

Developing economic exchanges

With the Arab world and Africa

In the framework of its morning meetings focusing on the economy, the Arab World Institute organised, on 30th March 2016, a session dedicated to economic exchanges between the Arab World and Africa.

Jack Lang introduced the debates before giving way to a high-level panel led by Malick Diawaea of the newspaper Point Afrique. The participants who are close to IPEMED included Bruno Mettling, Director of ORANGE, recently appointed as the supervisor for the Africa-MENA region, Didier Acouetey, President of Africa Search, Sami Zaoui, Director of Ernst & Young for Algeria and Tunisia, as well as Tarik Choho, Director of OCP Africa. José Munoz, Director of SUEZ, was also present.
During his speech, Jean-Louis Guigou highlighted the necessity to create a Foundation dedicated to the great Africa-Mediterranean-Europe (AME) region, along the lines of the achievements performed in the Americas and in Asia.