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Who are we

Pascal Terrasse

Deputy and APF Parliamentary Secretary General

Eric Diamantis

President of La Verticale Endowment Fund

Jemal Taleb

Member of the Board of Directors of La Verticale Endowment Fund

Jean-Louis Guigou

Founder of La Verticale

We want to give meaning to our professional life. The connexion of Africa and Europe by economy is part of future history. That is why we are campaigning for the economic integration of the two continents via the Mediterranean space.

By creating an international foundation called La Verticale Africa-Mediterranean-Europe, we want to build together the future.

They are part of the network

The foundation La Verticale consists of a network of laboratories, research centers and university teams, all known for their work on the North/South integration.

They support us

The foundation La Verticale has the support of international institutions, heads of state and major industrial companies. All have understood the benefits of this integration between North and South that values the proximity and complementarity of our economies.

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